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Friend Zoned
Friend Zoned
Jack sat on the shores of what he called “his” lake, his knees drawn up to his chest, staff sitting beside his hip, arms resting on top of his knees and his chin on top of his arms. Jack stared unblinkingly, unseeingly, at the gently rippling waters, his thoughts tumultuous, his feelings even more so.
He’d never figured himself for… well, for being homosexual. He knew that there were guys who like guys, and girls who liked girls, and he didn’t mind that. Live and let live, love and let love, right? As long as everyone had fun. Unfortunately for Jack, fun didn’t exactly factor into his equation. Not that Jack didn’t try to bring fun in, of course he did. It was just that… Well, just that the one he wanted to have fun with the most seemed to never be in the mood for fun. And even if he was, it was never long before he claimed he had to go back to work.
The Easter Bunny never seemed to take a break.
Jack sighed and looked up a
:iconwilddragonflying:WildDragonFlying 147 49
Golden Dreams
  Sandy placed his cup down on the table with a silent sigh, rubbing his forehead as he felt a headache growing. The meeting had been going on for over an hour and the Guardian of Dreams had grown tired of it after the first ten minutes.
  Because North and Bunny were at their usually banter of which holiday was the best.
  And Sandy was freaking tired of it.
  He couldn’t remember how many years the banter had been going on, but he knew they were many. And he franticly didn’t see the point of the whole thing, it wasn’t like it mattered. For all he knew, it had nothing with protecting the Earth's children.
  Deciding to take a look around for something to occupy his time with until his colleagues were finished, he first noticed Tooth. The Queen was fluttering around in the large room, never able to be still as usual and giving orders to her fairies, sending them to collect teeth.
  Moving on, he spotted Phil. The yeti stood at
:iconwildspirit-forever:WildSpirit-Forever 36 14
TF2 - Still Here part 20
The first thing Lawrence noticed was was his eyes were closed. Dang, fell asleep on guard duty. No biggie, he thought, some more energy to get that family settled somewhere. He made to move off the hood of his camper and--wait…The second thing he noticed was the metal under him was cold and clean and smooth, not at all like his van
This has been a preview. See description for details
:iconfalljoydelux:Falljoydelux 2 0
Sans x Reader- Skelerubs
It seemed that lately Sans had been avoiding you. After 3 months of dating, you were scared. What if he didn't like you anymore? Had you done something wrong? When you'd sit down with him on his mattress, he wouldn't sit there for more than a minute before shooting you an uneasy smile and rushing out of the room.
When you told Papyrus, he told you not to worry. "Sometimes Sans just gets to where he needs some space." He ended up explaining countless times to you. But this had been going on for a week or so. It didn't seem normal, especially since you've known him for half a year, and nothing like this had happened.
One day on a cold winter night, you were snuggled up between Papyrus and Undyne watching the static on the tv when Sans stumbled into the house, closing the door behind him and letting out a huge sigh. His fuzzy jacket was pulled up to where it covered his cheeks, and the hood up, so you merely saw two white pinpricks scan the room and land on you.
"Hey NERD! About time you
:iconwownsfwshit:wownsfwshit 599 94
TF2 - ScoutMeetsTentaSpy Part3
I sat on the medical bed as our Medic looked at my neck and felt the sore and bruise ring. I winced as he touched it and he clicked his tongue and says, "Soldier did zome damage to your throat, he waz able to bruise your Trachea zo it will hurt if you swallow zo no eating until you have recovered" I sighed deeply and looked at Medic and said, " how am I supposed to eat then doc?" Medic rubbed his chin in thought and stood there for a moment. Medic put his hand on my shoulder  with a smile and says, " We will find a wat Zcout, I promise" he patted my shoulder and walked out as I did, too, walk out and to my room and layed on my bed with a sigh as I stared out my window, dark gray clouds. It was going to rain soon. I herd footsteps outside my door and I sat up to get ready to bail, it was just Spy. I relaxed and layed back down again to stare out my window as he came in and sat on my bed beside me. He never looked at me but he sighed and said, "Zorry that
:iconxxchristiexx:xXChristieXx 6 4
Mature content
TF2-ScoutMeetsTentaSpy -Part2- :iconxxchristiexx:xXChristieXx 8 10
TF2 - Scout meets TentaSpy
With Point of View (Scout and TentaSpy)
I sat by the near flooded water from the sewer and drew pictures in the dirt, boredm and oftenly soaked my hand with the water to leave a hand print. I sighed and stared at my reflection from the water and sat there for a moment, my mind was clouded by the thoughts from Soldier's discription of this part octopus, part Spy character. Soldier always told me to stay away from he water because of the risk of being pulled in by him. Or it. I didn't believe him though, it was such bull that I actually kicked him and ran for my life. I saw a figure under the water and looked closer, a head popped up of a Spy and he was looking right at me. I jerked back and I blinked as he looked confused, almost curious, and got even closer and more out of the water. I was frozen and couldn't move, but something also told me he was just investigat
:iconxxchristiexx:xXChristieXx 18 10
Coils: Chapter 5, Tell Me Why
Many years, decades, centuries, it doesn’t matter. New to this world was a naïve and curious creature, who knows nothing about himself except for his name, Kaleb. He has no idea how he came to this world, nor where he came from. All he does is explore and hunt, and perhaps collect dropped items, whether they would be weapons, jewelry, or even shoes. These items would always come from these bipedal beings that would trudge through the forests on their own or with a companion. Whatever these creatures were, they incited Kaleb’s curiosity.
Never did he reveal himself to these beings, believing that they would run away without even giving him a chance, just like how other animals would, whether he wanted to eat them or not. But one day, the naga was noticed by a lovely maiden, who was out and escorted by two armored men protectively staying close to her, wielding their large shields and long swords. She was adorned in a black dress concealed by an ivory colored coat, and s
:iconthe-jasmine-nation:The-Jasmine-Nation 22 22
Coils: Chapter 4, All The Lies
Natalee stumbled upon a near unconscious Kaleb in front of a small house and helps carry him up, holding his arm over her shoulders. “Oh, Kaleb…” she pitied the injured man, helping him back to her house. It took them a while, but the two managed to return home safely. As soon as they went inside, Kaleb was brought to the bathroom where the human female drew a bath for him, running her hand under the water to check its warmth.
Because the raven-haired soul didn’t have the strength to help himself, Natalee took off his clothes for him, blushing with embarrassment. Ever since he had been brought back to her house, Kaleb hadn’t expressed any reaction to all of this. It was hard to tell as his hair was over his eyes, his emotions concealed from Natalee.
“You’re going to be fine, Kaleb.” She carefully set him in the bathtub and took some soap with a loofa to wash the poor guy.
As she washed him, Natalee could feel his body trembling and heard
:iconthe-jasmine-nation:The-Jasmine-Nation 13 9
Coils: Chapter 3, Hatred Rising
The two of them reached Natalee’s home and she brought the now human snake man to her room, where she took out some clothes from the closet to give to him. He stared at what she gave him, then looked back at the woman, not knowing what to do.
“You slip your upper body in that…” she pointed at the dark grey sweater. “Then you put on the one with 3 holes in it up your legs.”
The man looked down at his clothes again before slipping his head into the sweater, only he started with the wrong side. Natalee sighed, then pulled the shirt off him then decided to dress him herself.
“Why do you humans wear these things?” he asked. “I know you need to wear clothing to hide your modesty and evade the cold, but why do they look… different?”
“What do you mean?” Natalee looked back at him, pulling up his pants.
“Well, women used to only wear dresses and men would wear whatever attire is suited. Now, even women wear the
:iconthe-jasmine-nation:The-Jasmine-Nation 13 4
Coils: Chapter 2, Suddenly Human
It’s been almost a week since the incident. There was a funeral for Ryan and the police had caught professor Joe Craven, who has been accused for the murder of Ryan Grande but was sent to a mental institute instead of spending a life sentence in jail because he had been declared insane by the court. He was rambling about the monster having eaten his partner, but most believed that he was just making up a story to hide the suspicions behind her disappearance. While Mary Craven had been marked as ‘missing’, Joe Craven is currently serving the rest of his life in a nut house.
As for Natalee, she was still in her old summer house, grieving over the loss of her brother. The poor girl had been sitting in the kitchen with nothing but her favorite drink, raspberry lemonade, and a photo album full of her family’s pictures. She had been in a daze ever since she woke up an hour ago at 6 AM, staring at the pictures of her childhood photos.
She got up from her chair and head
:iconthe-jasmine-nation:The-Jasmine-Nation 12 3
Coils: Chapter 1, A Few Days Later
There was a little house in the middle of the forest, where a young woman had just arrived, carrying her luggage after getting out of the cab. Her chocolate brown eyes looked at the old house with glee as she took out the key and went to unlock the front door.
She was greeted to a room with nothing but a couch, a couple of comfy chairs, with a television set on the opposite side of the room away from the chairs. Carrying her suitcase, the girl took off her sandals then went to the bedroom to set it down. Before she could even begin to unpack, she cleaned the house to give it a fresher look, removing any traces of dust on any surface. There were no insects to be found, surprisingly.
After she was done, the young lady quickly unpacked her bag and changed into a simple white dress, excited to go out and enjoy the scenery of the forests this summer. She had been coming to this house every summer since she was just a little girl, for it was what she and her family did as tradition. They wou
:iconthe-jasmine-nation:The-Jasmine-Nation 19 6
Coils: Intro
Deep in the forest at a river, a young woman was out on the balcony of her houseboat, armed with a gun and keeping a cautious eye out. She curly brown hair, freckles spread over her cheeks like stars across the milky way, and two golden orbs looking at her surroundings with serious awe. She was so focused that she jumped when she heard her phone ring while vibrating in her pocket. "Jesus..." she exclaimed to herself as she reached for her phone to see that it was her boss, much to her dismay.
"You still there?" her boss said on the phone.
"Yeah, man." she replied. "I think some new bait will be arriving at this house I found."
"Really? I'm getting pretty excited. What makes you so sure?"
During the conversation, the woman felt the boat wobble, making her suspect that something was near.  "Hello?" the voice said on the phone.
"I'll call you back." she hung up, setting the phone on the table inside of the houseboat through a window. The boat wobbled again, this time more violently,
:iconthe-jasmine-nation:The-Jasmine-Nation 15 7
Feraltale 3-6: Open book
Our collection of books had drastically increased over the past few days. When we were younger I’d often be more careful about what to give to Paps, destroying everything that contained anything other than happy animals. Thicker, pictureless books weren’t that much trouble, Pap wasn’t that fond of reading.
Now though, both my brother and I were collecting much more. I still made sure never to let him know it was about ‘humans’, but we did take more of the books containing them home. Papyrus recognised these creatures were the same species as Frisk, but the exact name for their kind was still a mystery to him.
All he (actually we) really wanted was to figure out more about the little kid and learn more about their habits. The childish picture books actually helped me to figure out what to get to take care of the kiddo’s hygiene. (You won’t believe how much ‘toothpaste’ and packaged ‘toothbrush’es humans throw away, so was
:iconsketchy-vore:Sketchy-Vore 4 1
Feraltale (3): Pap
Of all the things I expected to come home to, this wasn’t one of them. That didn’t mean it wasn’t a nice surprise.
Sans was sleeping (nothing new) with that tiny not-monster of his snuggled up against his chest, tiny head resting on his shoulder (very new!).
Sans had been working for days to gain the tiny thing’s trust, harder than I’d seen him work for anything for a long, long time. Maybe it didn’t seem like much work, but it was quite impressive for something he did without being pressured. So I felt my soul make a little jump in my chest to finally see some progress. Maybe he would finally feel more encouraged to do stuff again, that lazybones had far too many nap times.
And it looks like I was gonna have to end this one as well. Too bad, they looked so content.
I slowly walked over towards the duo and lightly tapped my brother’s shoulder, the one that wasn’t occupied by a tiny head. His eyes blinked open slowly, looking a little blea
:iconsketchy-vore:Sketchy-Vore 11 9
Feraltale (2): Hugs?
Having the kid around was a little more… stressful than I had expected.
There must be something I was doing wrong, because the kid just wasn’t relaxing. Not around me, and definitely not while they had Papyrus’s attention.
I couldn’t really blame them for that though, Paps was a bundle of nervous energy around the kid.
As I expected he was overjoyed to meet a new friend. What I didn’t expect was for the kid to be so jumpy. I think my brother’s enthusiasm scared them. As soon as he had come too close the kid they pushed his face away and tried to escape, almost causing me to drop them. After that things were pretty tense between the both of them.
I knew he didn’t mean to, but Papyrus constantly put the kid on edge. He wanted to play with them, but he also wanted to give the kid space. This caused him to try and approach the kid, only to scurry away as soon as their eyes as much as widened.
I understand what he was trying to do, but if he didn
:iconsketchy-vore:Sketchy-Vore 27 16


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