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She had wondered where the RED spy went as she decided to take a different approach. Her feel landed on the concrete below and picked herself up giving Pyro a thumbs up as she went into the darkness of the sewers. She had a thing with the RED spy just a nice bit of sexual encounters while trying to kill him. However he never respawned, even if I took a shot at him when legal fighting wasn't there he would respawn but... he never respawned. It's a hazard that we were warned about but it rarely happens and a terrifying hazard. Sure maybe we've gone numb to our own morality because of it but hell I get paid for doing this.
I stop as I hear the water move and I turn around removing my sunglasses as I'm underground why would I need them now. I take out my SMG as I look around before continuing to head toward the RED base. I stop as I smell that same brand of cigarettes he use to smoke. Then again the new RED spy smokes the same brand I think... and our spy. I suddenly turn around with my Ku
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TentaSpy Origins ch. 4
Spy sat in the medbay his head in his hands as his new limbs twitched. He had missed Red Sniper, and he would be rather upset for not being there. But he couldn't let him see him. Never again. He disn't want RED Sniper to remember him as a freak. He would hate him and leave him to live out this cursed life alone. Maybe he could live in the ocean and hide from the world untill he died and became nothing but dust, though that can't really happen in water, can it.
He sighed again and jumped as medic walked back into the medbay. The doors swung back and forth as he nearly ran into his office.
What has him so worked up? Spy thought as he watched him sit down and start writing.
Could it be!? It couldn't. It was impossible. There was no hope for him and his 'condition'. He layed back onto the bed and a tentacle wraped atound one of the legs of the bed. He jumped at the sudden cold spike that shot up it and into his brain.
He quickly pulled the tentacle up and looked at it. These thing where a
:iconsarariley:SaraRiley 44 32
Tentaspy Origins Ch. 3
The RED Sniper sat in his van. He hadn't been able to sleep for the past 3 days and the wear on his body was showing. He hid the bags under his eyes with his shades. He sat up and grabed his hat, desideing that he should go get some food or something instead of lay there being useless. He opened the camper doors and squinted. Even with his shades o. The sun was still unbearably bright. He entered the RED base, and as he walked to the mess hall to get his coffee, he stummbled into a wall.
"Bloody hell." Sniper mumbled as he straitened up, ajustsing his vest.
He walked into the mess hall and immediately regreted it. Scout and Demoman where haveing a loud argument about which was better, BONK or scampy. Heavy and Medic where laughing loudly at something one of them had said and Pyro was being repormanded by Spy for almost lighting his suit on fire.
Sniper massaged his eyes from under his aviators and walked over to the coffee pot. Engineer was standing there puting cream in his coffee. He
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Tentaspy Origins Ch. 2
Tentaspy Origins Ch. 2
Spy ran, from what he didn't know. All he know was that he had to, or something bad would happen. As he ran he looked over his shoulder, a dark blue shape was following him. He looked foward again and triped over a tree root, though there where no trees to be seen. He turned and landed on his back and looked up. The blue shape jumped on him and his legs felt like they where being shattered and burn. He screamed and took out his butterfly knife and preceded to stab the offending blob. After a few stabs he felt it go in his legs. He squeezed his eyes shut and howled in agony. When he was able to open his eyes again he saw something that made his heart stop. He now had blue tentacles where his legs where suppost to be. He went to scream but his mouth was suddenly filled with water and he began to drown.
He woke with a jolt and heard someone screaming. It took him a second to realize that he was the one screaming. He closed his mouth and took a few deep breaths takei
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Tentaspy Origins
Tentaspy Origins
AN: okay so this is based on a picture drawn by---> :iconvangberg: ot is a Tentaspy story and this can stand alone if you against pairings and just want a non-creepy tentacle rape blahhg. It will continue most definatly with a sniper/spy pairing in the chapters to come. Please tell me what you think, and how I may improve. Kthxbye!
Scout giggled to himself as he left the respawn. "Man this gonna be sweet." He walked into the mess hall and sat down for lunch, one of heavy's sandviches. He had stolen it later that day when Heavy was playing chess with Medic. Who know lardo could play chess?
He had set up one of the best pranks in history. He, Solder and Demoman had done something to the respawn and the first one to die in the fight today was gonna get it. It was gonna be sweet.
An hour later they where waiting at the gate. One minute left and boy was scout gonna laugh. He counted down with the administrator once she reached ten seconds.
Eight .
:iconsarariley:SaraRiley 65 14
Caring for a Naga: Ch 1
"UNGH, it's so hot out here I may just actually melt this time..."
    Hillarie Winchester swiped angrily at her brow, relieving it of the sweat that accumulated there. She was back in this God-forsaken but beautiful Maya Jungle, where only a month and a half ago she had her near-death experience with a tiger the size of a Chicago city bus and for the first time met a rather handsome but incredibly devious naga. Unlike last time, she had traveled alone, leaving Michael behind. He was more than ecstatic to remain in Chicago. She, on the other hand, was well beyond done with everything, including this job, this jungle, the animals...
    "And the friggin' BUGS!" She smacked the back of her neck where a mosquito had decided to try and grab a quick drink, wincing at the slight sting. She made a noise of disgust when she pulled her hand back to see the rather gruesome mess it had left behind. Hastily she tried to wipe it off the best she could before continuing her trek,
:iconeerieideal:EerieIdeal 39 19
Caring for a Naga pt 2
    Kenneth had arrived to the lake only moments before Hill had began to remove her clothes, eager to get into that cool and refreshing water. Even though he enjoyed the warmer temperatures due to his snake half, he also enjoyed cooling off just as much. His coils shivered excitedly as he neared the lake's edge, his tail reaching down to test the waters out. Not incredibly cold, but not incredibly hot. Just right. He smiled in approval and drew his tail back to him, glancing about to make sure no large predators were near by. He was high on the food chain, yes, but still he had to look out for the other competitors. Ones with sharp claws and powerful jaws with razor sharp teeth…
    He had actually overlooked her the first time he gazed her way, his mind elsewhere as he prepared to ease into the lake. His coils had begun to slither down the trunk and into the water, but then Kenneth immediately froze, his eyes comically wide as he did a do
:iconeerieideal:EerieIdeal 18 21
Mature content
Caring for a Naga pt 3 :iconeerieideal:EerieIdeal 13 19
Caring for a Naga pt 4
 The house was quiet, save for a few birds that chirped outdoors. No life roamed inside the estate, the home completely empty. It was a sort of eerie peaceful moment. Nothing disturbed the silence.
    Well, that didn't last long.
    Hill and Kenneth appeared in the living area in a flurry of writhing coils and bodies. Kenneth's human half toppled against the couch, nearly tipping the furniture over as he blinked the dizziness from his eyes, placing a palm on his head as if to stop his spinning sight. Woah, that had been an experience he NEVER wanted to have again. His snake half went everywhere, including on the coffee table and armchair, any available space on the floor, as well as around Hill. She was holding her head, gritting her teeth as she stumbled backwards, right into a pile of Kenneth's coils, and she tripped. She yelped, her arms flailing in vain to keep herself upright as she fell with a heavy "OOMPH!". Kenneth jumped, pain shooting through h
:iconeerieideal:EerieIdeal 19 37
Give Me Love (Kveta and Naga!Kenneth)
    All the foundation in the world wouldn't be enough to cover that ugly bluish-black mark on her cheek. Kveta knew that much from past experience. She groaned, brushing her hair over it for perhaps the seventh time on her walk. Damn bitch, calling her out for a fight. Sure, princess, I stole your man. Whatever you gotta say to make your crazy ass sleep at night. I don't even know you're freaking man. Bitch.
    Kveta pulled the hood of her light sweater up to make it harder to notice the darker tint to her skin. Maybe it wasn't that noticeable. It wasn't like anybody else was going to point it out, now that she was hiking alone. She needed the isolation after all of that crap earlier.
    "I swear to God," she sighed heavily. "I am so sick of this crap..."
    Sitting down on a fallen log, Kveta's head fell into her hands. She was careful not to let her hand brush against her barely concealed bruise; the s
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